Eco Schools

We are participating in the Eco-Schools program and have recently gained our third green flag.

We have a flower and vegetable garden at the school which we develop on an annual basis. It gives the children the opportunity to plant, grow and taste vegetables, which makes them more aware of where our food comes from and the work needed to prepare the food.They are made aware of the effect their actions have on the world, such as throwing rubbish, travelling short distances in vehicles and buying food that has to be transported from far away.

Our eco code is:

  • Ail-gylchu/Recycling
  • Codi sbwriel/Pick up litter
  • Cau tapiau dŵr/Turn taps off
  • Diffodd goleuadau/Turn light off
  • Cerdded/beicio i’r ysgol/Walk/cycle to school
  • Bwyta ffrwythau a llysiau tymhorol/Eat seasonal fruit and vegetables