Ysgol Bro Brynach is part of a school federation with Ysgol Beca in Efailwen.  As such, we have a federated Governing Body which oversees both schools.  The members of this Governing Body are:

Miss Sian Bryan

Acting head

Cllr. Dorian Phillips

LA Representative

Mr Bradley Challinor

LA Representative

Mr Wyn Evans

LA Representative

Mr Owain Young

LA Representative

Dr Adam Bowen

Parent Representative (Beca)

Mrs Kay Mathias

Parent Representative (Beca)

Mr Robert Morgan

Parent Representative (Bro Brynach)

Dr Erica Thompson (Cadeirydd)

Parent Representative (Bro Brynach)

Mrs Sue Jones

Community Representative

Mrs Cathy Davies

Community Representative

Ms Abigail Duggins

Community Representative

Ms Alicia Williams

Staff Representative (Beca)

Mrs Delyth Morris

Staff Representative (Bro Brynach)

Mr Ben Batcup

Teacher Representative (Beca)

Mrs Mari Reynolds

Teacher Representative (Bro Brynach)

Mr Daniel Esteve (Vice-Chair)Community Representative

The Governing Body includes members of the local community, parents, teachers, staff and representatives of the Local Authority.

The governing body is responsible for a wide range of duties, including promoting high standards of educational achievement, managing the school’s finances, writing the school’s development plan, overseeing the school’s policies on everything from safeguarding to the headteacher, employing staff and dealing with any discipline of affairs.

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Communication between the Governing Body and Parents

The Governing Body wants to communicate with parents as effectively as possible.

Parent Governors: Parent governors represent the interests of parents. If you have an issue that you would like the Governing Body to discuss, you can raise this with one of the parent governors in the first instance (note that any complaints should be directed to the Headteacher and not to Parent Governors).

Formal Meetings on request: Parents can request up to three formal meetings with the Governing body per year (see the council’s website for information or email the Chair of the Board of Governors for advice on the formal process).

Annual Meeting with Parents: Following the very constructive meeting held at the school on 27th June 2018 it was decided that the Chair of Governors will organize an annual meeting during the summer term to present a report and discuss the school’s progress with parents.

Annual Report: In addition to face-to-face meetings, the Governors produce a report once a year.